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COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Fashion District Dental

During times like these, every patient must receive the dentist services they need to stay as healthy as possible. Dr. Amlani and her team of hygienists have put precautions in place to protect the health of all patients who visit us. Our COVID-19 safety protocols include:

Health Screenings

Pre-screening at time of appointment scheduling and again before arrival at our office.

Virtual Waiting Room

Patients receive notice one hour before their appointment, asking each to text "ARRIVED" when they reach our office. We then notify patients when they can enter the office.

Patient Arrival

Each patient must wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and have their temperature checked.

In Dentist Chair

Patients will rinse with hydrogen peroxide rinse.

Enclosed Rooms

For patient protection and privacy.

Staff Precautions

all staff members wear appropriate PPE.

Air Purifiers

Each room is equipped with air purifiers.


An Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) fogging machine is used throughout the office at the end of each day.

Paperless System

To minimize contact among patients and staff, we use digitized payment and charting methods. Patients can access COVID-19 screening and consent forms on their personal device before arrival.