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Fashion District Dental Offers Preventative Dentistry

Good health requires annual checkups and preventative measures to stay ahead of any complications, and your teeth and gums are no exception. While great oral hygiene habits at home like flossing and brushing help keep your mouth healthy and free of bacteria, regular visits to a dental care clinic ensure that minor problems in your mouth don’t turn into larger issues. Fashion District Dental recommends visiting a dentist at least twice a year for oral exams and cleanings. Seeing us at least every six months or on a regular basis provides our general dentists with the opportunity to monitor the health of your teeth and gums. While we remove plaque and tartar that naturally builds up between visits, we can stay ahead of any issues before they become worse.

What Are the Symptoms of Dental Problems?

Your mouth, teeth, and gums are very active daily between conversation, eating, and drinking. And it’s often one of the first features people notice about you. Issues or pain with your teeth and gums can change the way you speak, make it difficult to chew food or cause discomfort when drinking hot or cold beverages. You can help protect your teeth and gum health by contacting Fashion District Dental in Toronto, ON if you notice symptoms of potential dental problems, such as:


Toothaches not only affect your teeth, but they can also cause pain to your mouth and jaw. Dr. Amlani can look for what is causing the problem, which could be a cavity, gum disease, abscess, or an impacted tooth.

Sensitive Teeth

Teeth naturally become more sensitive as we get older. But if your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold beverages, this could also be a sign of tooth decay, fractured fillings, gum disease, or worn enamel. We will help determine the cause of your sensitivity.

Bleeding or Sore Gums

Your gums are just as important as your teeth, and bleeding or pain could be signs of gingivitis or an early warning of gum disease.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Damage to your teeth can come from teeth grinding, an accident, or brittle teeth. While some cracks or broken teeth are obvious, some are not visible to the naked eye and can be a source of a lot of pain.

Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath can be a warning sign of gum disease or other medical issues. Brushing twice a day, including your tongue, and flossing can prevent bad breath, but if it persists, you can visit Fashion District Dental to diagnose a more serious cause.

Healthy Teeth Start With Our General Dentistry Services

No matter how good our oral hygiene habits are at home, it is very common to experience dental problems at any stage in life. Between sugar in food, carbonation in beverages, and accidents at work or while playing sports, the health of our teeth and gums can easily be compromised. Exposure to these factors is why the preventative dental treatments at Fashion District Dental are so critical in maintaining a healthy mouth and smile. Our general dentistry services include:

Schedule a Dental Care Visit at Fashion District Dental

Scheduling an appointment for preventative dental care is one of the easiest steps to take for healthy teeth and gums. We take great care to educate each patient on good oral hygiene habits and present customized treatment plan options. At Fashion District Dental, we believe in a proactive approach to treating things while still small before becoming a significant issue. Our general dentistry services include exams, x-rays, and teeth cleanings that allow us to monitor the health of your mouth. With a full line of restorative dental care services available, you can relax knowing that the general dentist you have a relationship with can also perform any cavity filling, dental implant, or root canal. Contact Fashion District Dental to schedule your routine dental exam today!